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Cinnamon Sue Baby & Toddler


Cinnamon Sue is an online boutique that imports & distributes multi-award winning
and innovative baby and toddler gifts throughout South Africa.


The owner of Cinnamon Sue came to us because she was needlessly haemorrhaging money. Our objective was to put the control of the website back into her hands and save her money wherever possible.


Firstly, we transferred the site from ecommerce to woo commerce to make it easier for the client to add and delete products as well as regulate the pricing to eliminate the need to contact an agency every time a change was required. We created an excel spreadsheet containing all of the products, SKU codes, title price, normal price, sale price and description, to upload woo commerce with one click of a button. We also set up the shipping to allow for different shipping charges for different areas.

Upon investigating the site we realised that the percentage she was paying for selling goods was high. We changed the payment gate way so that the client went from being charged 12.5% on each product sold to 2.5%.

Part of putting control back into the client’s hands meant rebuilding the site from scratch to make it easier to manage; included in the rebuilt was resizing multiple images, setting up a catalogue of brands and categories for easy searchability, redesigning the favicon logo as well as Instagram integration.

We also focused on other tasks such as SEO, hosting, backing up of the site on a weekly basis, monthly site maintenance and social media.


Cinnamon Sue completed our content brief  We got in touch  Asked a few questions  And sent through our proposal  Once the proposal was accepted we started with the design and development by adding content, images, Instagram integration and made sure all of the products were in the shop page  We communicated with our client along the way until we were able to deliver the final product timeously and satisfactorily


SEO: • By uploading the site map we allowed Google to search the site properly on each page and through all of the products • We set up Google analytics to track the site traffic • We set up Google ads to generate more business and to boost site traffic • We checked the site speed in order to comply with Google's parameters • We created a thorough analysis of the content for SEO and focused on keywords that ranked the site on the first page of Google HOSTING, SITE BACK UP AND MAINTENANCE: • Another easy way to save the client some money was to have everything under our umbrella instead of having different companies do the hosting, site back up and maintenance. This also provided the client with much needed peace of mind SOCIAL MEDIA: • Having another avenue to sell products was important – Facebook and Instagram shop was the answer

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    Cinnamon Sue Baby & Toddler

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