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Barrie Sharpe is an icon in the fashion and music industries. He has a music label, clothing brand and is an author. His style is heavily minimalistic.


Barrie Sharpe approached us to convert his ecommerce site to a woo commerce site. True to his minimalistic style he wanted a simple site with no bells and whistles – his brand and clothing needed to make an impact. He did not want his customers to be bombarded with information and sales – it was important to go directly to the shop.


• We created a site that was stripped away to its simplistic beauty
• All of Barrie’s products were combined onto a complex excel spreadsheet as a .csv file (export file). In order for the file to be uploaded, the file had to be error free. It was organised into categories: handle, title, body, description, tag, pricing, image source
• All images were resized to make them uniform
• All products were arranged to be easy to read and pleasing to the eye
• A payment gateway was created
• Shipping was setup to allowing for different shipping classes for each product
• By building a woo commerce site, Barrie could upload his own content, which we taught him how to do
• Social media platforms and his blog were linked to the new site
• We assisted with SEO to make his site relevant on all search engines
• The site map was uploaded to allow Google to search the site properly
• Google analytics was set up to track the site traffic


The client approached us to convert his ecommerce site to a woo-commerce site. We setup a teams meeting to get a feel for the brief and to have a question and answer session. We then sent through our proposal. Once the proposal was accepted we started with the design and development of the new site, created a complex excel spreadsheet to allow for all products to be added to the new site, resized images, setup the payment gateway and shipping, linked the social media and blog, assisted with SEO and made the site Google friendly. We communicated with the client throughout the process and provided training sessions once the job was complete.

  • Strategy

    Website design & development

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction

  • Client

    Barrie Sharp (Sharpeye)

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