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What Does Graphic Design Involve?

You may have heard the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words countless times. It means that you do not need elaborate words to explain a thought or feeling and can do it in a more creative way.

It is instinctive that our minds try to interpret certain colors and designs and find meaning. The first things that we get accustomed to as kids are colors and shapes. Even when growing up, we get to see numerous products and several brands, and the first thing we notice is the design and color, whether it is the brand’s logo, the packaging of the product or ads on television or online.

In recent years, advancement in technology has changed the dynamics of doing business, and now it is imperative for companies to ensure a strong online presence. The primary element of starting a business is designing and developing a ‘stunning website.’ However, a website is merely not enough in this competitive digital age. 

Graphic designers are experts in coming up with amazing concepts and adding subtle touches to your brand’s online presence. You may be surprised, but graphic design involves numerous aspects from websites to social media pages and includes the design of

  • Logos
  • Online banners and ads
  • Leaflets
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Posters
  • Layouts

The purpose of graphic design business services is to use shapes, colors, images, and typography to effectively communicate the brand’s message to existing and potential customers. Both web and graphic design come under the umbrella of ‘visual design.’ But while the web designers are more skilled at programming and technical details of the website, it is the graphic designers who have the creative and artistic skills.

Where to Hire Graphic Designers

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you may wish to accomplish your business goals and impress a potential audience. However, to build a ‘brand name’, there are various tasks you need to perform and challenges to face.

Starting and managing a business is never easy, and you have several things on your hands. You may be skilled at handling business-related matters and may not have the time or skill to manage your brand’s website design and digital marketing. However, many marketing agencies provide a wide range of services, from Website design and development to Graphic design and also manage digital marketing.

The one challenge that startups and small businesses face is ‘limited budget,’ which makes hiring expensive services from top-ranked agencies not feasible. When it comes to saving costs, you can hire a freelance graphic designer on a low budget. But there is always a question of quality and timely delivery as freelance designers manage more than one project simultaneously.

The one cost-effective option is looking for an online graphic design agency such as Fire-Up Design that offers a custom and high-quality visual experience for your potential audience. The creative team is expert in managing everything from a stellar brand logo to motion graphics on the website to vibrant social media illustrations.

Graphic designers work on a wide array of projects and use modern software, applications, and editing tools to translate visual concepts. The marketing team usually provides all the details on the type of layout required, whether for a website or promotional material.  

The cost of graphic designing services depends on whether you hire a professional graphic agency or a freelance designer. For example, the average hourly rate to hire a freelance graphic designer in the UK is around £27 to £30. On the other hand, the senior graphic designers at a prominent agency charge almost £150.  

However, the total cost depends on the size of the business company, the extent or complexity of work, and the time to complete the project.

How does Graphic Design benefit Society?

The creative graphic design services ensure that the visual elements of the website and social media pages are consistent with the brand identity. The visual elements are necessary and feature everywhere from the brand’s logo to website and advertising material.

The crucial factor in the design plan is achieving consistency with the complete layout that includes symbols, shapes, colors, and typefaces. Fortunately, the rapid technological advancements have given software and tools that help design extravagant and futuristic designs.

If we look around, then almost every other thing we see reflects some sort of design, color, shape, and size. We interact visual elements everywhere, from product packaging, website, print, and online advertisement, to street signs, storefronts, documents, and presentations.

The role of a graphic designer is to use knowledge and skill to provide a form to the products that helps market them through physical and online channels. However, graphic design in the modern age should eliminate any stereotypes. The main challenge for designers is to ascertain the norms and values of society and understand why customers buy certain products.

The use of color, typeface, and shape are three essential yet crucial visual factors that allow potential customers to form an image of the brand. These factors also interlink with the culture and values of a particular region. Graphic designers can use color, symbols, and patterns with cultural connotations, but they should be portrayed negatively. In today’s fast-paced digital age, designers can even use their skills to campaign social awareness and highlight certain societal issues.

How Graphic Design Benefits a Business

Professional and top-notch graphic design is the need of the hour, whether it is an established or startup business. A few years back, most companies followed a product-centric approach; however, the advent of technology has led to a more customer-centric approach.

Today, a successful brand maintains an active and vibrant online presence, whether giving new updates or receiving feedback from a potential audience. Most people use smartphones and the internet to buy a product or service. Based on the online search, a user gets various results on websites or social media pages.

The user is more likely to click and stay on a website that is catchy, colorful and intriguing from the first instant. The tools that help grab the attention of online users and convert the click into a purchase is none other than graphic design.

People today have busy lifestyles and look to get more information in less time. Not many people can read lengthy articles or product descriptions and instead look for attractive infographics and short videos to make a choice. It is also why you see a funny or captivating video or picture getting thousands of shares and likes instead of a blog. The benefits of graphic design for businesses include

  • Increase User Interaction

Nearly every day, people come across tons of information from offline and online sources. But due to short attention spans, it becomes challenging for brands to make long-lasting impressions. As a business owner, the priority is developing visually appealing content that improves the brand’s profile.

Nearly all business companies, big or small, compete to get the most likes, shares, and followers. However, only a formidable use of graphic design can ensure user interaction, whether through a website, social media post, newsletter or an online ad. In fact, when ordering things online, almost everyone considers the visuals more than anything else when making a choice and eventual purchase.

  • Save Time and Money

Having ordinary graphics for your website and social media will not help convert online users into a customer, and you will spend more money in the long run. Employing a professional graphic design team means getting all the details right from the word go and not going through redesign and modifications.

An expert graphic designer knows about the market trends and uses his skill to formulate an articulate plan. There are various aspects, from color to design and style, but a graphic designer knows how to best fulfill the client’s requirements.                                                                                                                                            

  • Develop Unique Brand Identity

Startup business owners have little room for error and need to have an accurate plan from the start. The goal is not only to inspire potential customers but also to get a competitive edge. The one deciding factor between your brand and the rivals is how well you communicate your brand’s message. An able and creative graphic designer can develop amazing new designs and visual elements that can make your brand stand out.

  • Deliver Information in Creative Way

In a particular market segment, two companies may be selling similar products, but the way the information is delivered to the customer may be different. People usually look for content that they can easily read and relate to. Graphic designers are experts in developing creative infographics that can display even lengthy content in s precise way. The use of subtle colors, shapes, and symbols increases the likelihood of users giving their maximum attention towards a brand.   

Final Thoughts

Purposeful and articulate graphic design is necessary to succeed and sustain in today’s competitive market. Fire-Up Design is one place that employs a creative graphic design team that pushes the limit and knows how to meet and go beyond the client’s expectations.

You may find many online ads to improve your website design and social media pages. However, it takes only a few to get the best mix of visual elements that can guarantee a brand’s success. For us every client has unique needs and we know how to fulfil them.